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My name is Alan (close friends call me Al) – and by day I am a computer programmer for a small tech company. But like many others I have been bitten by the exploration bug – so I spend a lot of my free time wandering around our amazing planet, or planning my next adventure.  Through that desire to explore I came to understand the power of GPS technology.   In the evenings I love to write about the GPS gear, which is how got its start.


I love to share what I learn.


Thankfully I am not on this journey alone.  My partner Erika loves exploring as much as I do, and is a huge part of both my travel plans and also this website.  I tend to be a bit on the tech nerd side, so she helps balance me out and make sure I don’t get lost in the digital weeds.

My articles will focus on how to effectively make use of the ever changing technology of global positioning systems.   From using the GPS in your phone to utilizing the latest in task-specific GPS gear, I hope our time studying and experience using GPS to navigate can help you on adventures of your own.

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